Look Mummy No Hands

Pregnant: 28 weeks and 6 days
Status: Happy. Pregnancy hormone high. No pains, no aches, even slept well. Want to be pregnant all my life.

I have been writing a restaurant and food blog for almost 3 years but now, with my belly getting bigger and my life about to change significantly, I have this growing feeling that there is more in life to write about than food.

Hence the idea of this new blog where I intend to share the experience of becoming and at some point being a mum (yes, this scary event is coming closer and closer and I am between panic and exhilaration), about living in London with a baby, and ultimately about me.

…living in London with a baby

I hope I won’t turn into one of these mothers that have nothing else to talk about but their children, but whenever I mention this fear to experienced mums, the smile mildly (you see that they are thinking “you have no idea what is going to hit you!”) and I have come to the conclusion that this may be, at least to some extent, unavoidable.

There are a lot of other things I enjoy doing and hope will continue to enjoy once my life is being taken over by the little alien in my belly, and I want this blog also to feature books, music, theatre and some knitting. But don’t be too disappointed should all these ambitious plans turn into dust and all I write about are sleepless nights, sore nipples and baby poo. At this point you are very welcome though to drop me a line and tell me that I am boring you to death please!

This blog will also be about how to juggle a career while having children – this is a big issue for me and while still abstract at the moment it is something I think about a lot. Being a home-stay mum? May be heaven for some but sounds like a nightmare to me. Will I feel differently, once the baby is born? Can you be a good mum when working? And how can you achieve this?

I hope this blog and my random ramblings will give me the opportunity for exchange with like-minded people and nothing makes me happier than a little comment once in a while!

…Look Mummy no Hands!

Why have I chosen this name for my blog? Firstly, because most other good mum/baby/London blog names have been taken already!

But also I love the song Look Mummy no Hands. It is sad and true at the same time and shows the cycle of life, being born, growing up, becoming independent, getting children yourself and how life repeats itself.

The lyrics of this song remind me to always cherish my mum. Thankfully my mum is still around and I hope will be for a very long time! Particularly now, that I am expecting a baby myself, I need advice and support from her like nothing else and I am glad that she (patiently) listens to all my up and downs that one encounters during pregnancy.

I hope that at some point my little baby will feel the same about me!

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3 Responses to Look Mummy No Hands

  1. ulli says:

    Dear Ute, don’t worry.. you’re not alone!
    I’m up with you all nights, 4-5 times.. and unfortunately there is no chance of falling back asleep once it’s getting day.. I wonder how my bladder could become so small, even during the day, and why my little one has to kick always in its direction?
    I wonder about my belly being too small for pregnancy yoga (week 28+3) and already have put some pregnancy yoga dvds in my amazon chart.
    I wonder if I ever get like those friends that become mother and have totally lost what I considered them, only having baby’s topics on their mind..
    ..and I have my thoughts about work – research – and the baby, how my attitudes may change.. if I will be able to work halftime right after maternity, or if this is an too eager aim I set… if I may be able to attend that world congress in korea in june or if it is crazy to even consider.. if working from home will isolate me too much or if it is an ideal solution in the beginning and so on..

    See, you’re definitely are not alone! (and it’s interesting to read how similar the experiences and the thoughts we have are!)

    I guess living in London with a baby is a little more challenging than in Vienna, but I am sure you’ll do just fine, as you always do.

    kisses from home,

    • Ute says:

      @Ulli – oh that is so nice to read, and to know I am not alone! I’m getting tired of this whole pregnancy thing and the hormones, and I want to be able to eat a full meal again (there is certainly no space for my poor stomach anymore…) 7 more weeks… xx

      • ulli says:

        my dear ute,

        sorry for not writing back earlier.. our “nestling” consisted in the crazy idea of redoing our bathroom completely, e.g. we had a very exhausting time and a flat with cosy 13 degrees for the last 5 weeks.

        I was so happy to see you with your sweet baby boy today – congrats!!! very well done!!! you’re such a beautiful mom!!!

        Same way it made me nervous.. you were not that far advanced.. this means, I should be a mom very soon, too!!

        Unfortunately this whole bathroom thing stressed and distracted me a little too much and now I need to get back in the mood of being a mom in very short time. hope i manage apart from preparing the practical stuff. our son will be born on Jan 3rd, will try to post a pic later today.

        for now enjoy the precious moments & looking so much forward to meet you & your baby boy some times soon!


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