When I decided to crochet a baby blanket

Pregnant: 29 weeks + 3 days
Status: Broad ligament pain on the right side of my uterus. I can’t walk, I can’t sit comfortably and even lying down is painful. Is this going to last for the next 10 weeks…?


I used to knit obsessively when I was in my teens.  If you now picture a chubby teenager with acne, glasses and only geeky friends, you are wrong.  I was what in my youth would have been termed cool, cool enough even to pursue an decidedly uncool hobby such as knitting.  My friend Angelina was equally inclined and we knitted socks and jumpers and scarfs and once in a while we did a little crochet too.  We even took our wool with us to filthy bars and, while drinking pints and chain-smoking, did a little bit of knitting.  That our work would smell horribly of smoke and spilled booze didn’t matter.

I didn’t do any knitting for years until I got pregnant.  Suddenly (and scarily) I transformed from the girl about town and career woman into a little home-maker, started cooking, got interested in interior design and felt a strong urge to take up knitting again and I decided on a baby blanket as my first project.

I conferred with my mum, who, as opposed to me, can actually read knitting/crochet patterns, and she showed me how to crochet this lovely basket weave pattern.


It took me a couple of months and about 10 balls of wool to create this beautiful little blanket and I am all proud.  I can already picture my little boy (thank god I instinctively chose the right colour!) throwing up on my opus.  Wisely, I have chosen machine-washable wool…



If you are interested in recreating a basket-weave pattern baby blanket:

Unfortunately, I can’t read and even less write crochet patterns (something that will have to change in the future) but I found these two instructions on how to make a basket weave baby blanket.

Baby’s Basket Weave Afghan

Basket Weave Baby Blanket (see picture below)

When you get the hang of it, it’s very easy and a lot of fun.

My blanket is far smaller, roughly 70 by 100 cm, and I have used Sirdar Snuggly Dk Baby Yarn (55% nylon, 45% acrylic, for 4 mm needle size) in the colours ‘choo choo train‘ (10 balls) and ‘435‘ (1 ball).  I have chosen not to go for wool, because I wanted the blanket to be washable and also reduce allergy risk, and Sirdar Snuggly turned out to be nice to touch and feel soft.  One ball is £3.2, so the entire blanket comes to about 35 pounds.

I have already started my new project: a scarf for my boyfriend so that he doesn’t feel neglected.  And it’s looking good already…


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6 Responses to When I decided to crochet a baby blanket

  1. meemalee says:

    That’s gorgeous!

  2. CJ says:

    Wow Ute, I’m impressed, I started several knitting projects whilst pregnant and so far have finished none of them!

  3. kiranjigglypuff says:

    Ute!! I’m soooo impressed!!!

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