The 32 Week Wellbeing Scan of my Handsome Son

Pregnant: 32 weeks + 5 days
Status: Tired. I was so enthusiastic about my pregnancy blog and now all I want to do when I come home from work is plant myself in front of the TV and watch non-challenging drama series.  But not sad ones, otherwise I cry.  These hormones, I tell you 😉

You have 2 ultrasound scans on the NHS in the UK during a normal pregnancy: a Dating Scan at about 12 weeks helping to determine when the baby is due and an Anomaly Scan at about 20 weeks where the baby is checked for abnormalities.  No further scans are done after 20 weeks, if the pregnancy is without problems and complications.

I have decided to add another scan to this and pay privately for it, as for me this is certainly very well invested money to have the almost certainty that my baby is healthy and happy.  The Wellbeing Scan done at 32 weeks determines if the baby’s organs develop normally, how well it grows, if there are any problems with the placenta and how the blood supply (and with this supply of nutrients) from mother to baby works.  Potential problems can be picked up early and precautions can be taken if necessary.

The fetal ultrasound guru in the UK is the charming Professor Kypros Nicolaides and he and doctors trained by him perform scans (not only wellbeing scans but all kinds of scans and tests for abnormalities throughout pregnancy) to relatively reasonable prices at the Fetal Wellbeing Centre in Harley Street.  All the profits that are raised from these tests go to the Fetal Wellbeing Foundation, a Registered Charity that aims to improve the health of pregnant women and their babies through research and training in fetal medicine.

My scan was done by a lovely Greek female doctor who took a lot of time and thoroughly investigated and measured baby.  In the end, Professor Nicolaides popped in, and did a quick scan himself, assuring that everything was fine and baby was healthy.

May I introduce to you: baby (he is still nameless due to major disagreements between the main parties involved, certainly material for another post)


Isn’t he handsome and very cute? I don’t know where he got the flat nose from though.  He already weighs a respectable 2.2 kg, which explains mother’s exhaustion, back ache and lack of stomach and bladder space.

In any case, if you have 150 pounds to spare, I really recommend this scan.  For peace of mind really and to get the first picture of junior.  I wonder if he looks anything like that in real life?  7 more weeks and we shall know…

The Fetal Medicine Centre
137 Harley Street
London, W1G 6BG
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)20 7486 0476
Fax: +44 (0)20 7486 0294




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2 Responses to The 32 Week Wellbeing Scan of my Handsome Son

  1. meemalee says:

    I’ve had so many ruddy scans – my thyroid disorder means I qualify for close monitoring so I’m meant to be having them every four weeks. I don’t like them 🙁

    • Ute says:

      @meemalee – oh 🙁 but then again better than never having them – at least you know your baby is well and kicking, I always found it to be a massive relief when the doctor/sonographer said everything is fine… Every 4 weeks is over the top though!

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