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Just to see you smile

When baby is first born, he lives in its own little bubble, and there is no communication with the outside world, not even his loving, attention-craving parents. There is no way of knowing what is going on in his little … Continue reading

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The Male Baby

My child is undoubtedly male.  And I am not saying this for his looks (male-pattern hair loss) or his single-minded focus on the female breast. James’ first passport picture looking like a 4 week old criminal.  When I lie next to … Continue reading

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No Milk Today – Breastfeeding around the clock

Of course I want to do the best for my fragile tiny offspring, and after having been sufficiently brainwashed by media, midwives and NCT, I was convinced and fully motivated to breastfeed my newborn for at least six months. It … Continue reading

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Welcome Baby!

Little James was born on the 17/12/12, weighing 3.2 kg. He is exactly 3 weeks today and I am totally besotted with him. Jamie on day 0 and on day 21 I have spent the last few weeks staring at … Continue reading

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