Welcome Baby!

Little James was born on the 17/12/12, weighing 3.2 kg. He is exactly 3 weeks today and I am totally besotted with him.

Look Mummy-11.jpgJamie on day 0 and on day 21

I have spent the last few weeks staring at his little face, for hours and hours on end.  I had no idea that newborns have such a plethora of facial expressions!  (If you don’t have children you may think I am a little crazy, at least that’s what I’d have thought until the seminal 17/12…)

There is the questioning face, the turtle face with wrinkled forehead and chin pushed out, the surprised face, the old toothless bold woman face, the grumpy old man face, the pursed lips face, the peaceful and content face, the secret little smile face (usually associated with massive poops), the ‘how many fingers can I fit into my mouth’ face, the one eye open, one eye closed face – I could go on forever!

Look Mummy-1.jpg

Yes, I have transformed from a reasonably intelligent woman with a PhD, a career and a range of interests to a victim of baby brain.  I can’t even read the newspaper, am not able to hold a conversation (unless it concerns Jamie of course) and when I’m not breastfeeding I take pictures of his cute little face.

Believe me, I’m having the best time 🙂

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4 Responses to Welcome Baby!

  1. Angelina says:

    Ach Liebling, er ist sooo wunderschön!!! Bussi Angi

    • Ute says:

      @Angelina – Danke meine liebe, ich finde auch 😉 xx

      @Paola – Oh yes, come over soon, we can gaze at Jamie together 🙂 x

  2. Paola says:

    I am so happy you are enjoying motherhood so much! Looking forward to meeting the Cutie Jamie!

  3. Leluu says:

    you’re the best : ) xxx

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