Your Baby Week By Week – a must-have book for every new mum

I bought a lot of books in preparation for the impending birth.  What a waste of money that was as they are now all gathering dust on my book shelf.

Gina Ford has annoyed me after 20 pages – I find authors suspicious who spend the first part of their book defending it.  In addition I thought it a rather stupid idea to push my adorable newborn into strict routines.  What to Expect – The First Year scared the hell out of me and persuaded me that you need at least PhD to bathe your baby, and Secrets of a Baby Whisperer is also a lot of rubbish.

It actually stressed me reading these books and others, which all claim to hold the holy grail of bringing up your baby and over-complicate things that are so easy.  In fact they made me think I am a bad mother.

The only book every new mum really needs (in addition to a smart phone where you can google everything that is not covered there during nightly breastfeeding sessions on mumsnet and babycentre) is Your Baby Week By Week: The ultimate guide to caring for your new baby.

Rather than telling you what to do, this book holds a wealth of information on what to expect from your baby, week per week from birth until 6 months. It is written by the paediatrician Dr. Caroline Fertleman who works at the Whittington Hospital in London and the Daily Mirror health editor Simone Cave, both mothers in their own right.  It is relatively short, very concise and easy to read (therefore ideal for baby-brained new mothers), and most importantly, it is SENSIBLE.

Starting with Week 0, the book covers the development of the strange creature that has just entered your life, divided into Eating, Sleeping, Bathing, Nappies, Development, and What’s Happening to Mum.  You are always going to have five minutes to read the few pages covering the week your baby is currently in, and you will have the most important, accurate and concise information.

How many wet nappies are there in Week 0, and how many in Week 12? When can you expect a baby to sleep through the night? What’s wrong with your baby when it cries in the evenings and will he ever stop?  Dealing with vaccines?  Issues with breastfeeding?  When is introducing a bedtime routine sensible?  Am I spoiling my 2 months old when I pick him up as soon as he cries? When can I expect a smile? When should I see a doctor?  Co-sleeping?  Tummy Time?  etc.

Jamie followed the development outlined in this book so closely, I suspect he must have read it!

So, dear expecting mothers, buy yourself a nice pair of shoes and Your Baby Week By Week and enjoy motherhood 🙂

“Of course, we understand that parents are hungry for facts about their newborns – why are they awake most of the night, is their poo normal, and are they feeding properly? And yet we also realise how exhausted you’ll be feeling. Even finding time to eat breakfast can be a struggle, so doing in-depth research on jaundice is the last thing you’ll feel like. This is why we’ve given you all the facts you’ll need for each week in the first six months of your baby’s life and presented them in a simple, easy-to-follow format. Each chapter is broken into clear sections covering a full range of practical issues, from sleeping and crying, to nappies and when to call a doctor.”

(Your Baby Week By Week – Introduction)

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2 Responses to Your Baby Week By Week – a must-have book for every new mum

  1. Monica Wang says:

    Hi Ute, this was a great reccomendation and I’ve found it quite useful. Did you get the follow-up book too?

    • Ute says:

      @Monica – I’m glad you liked it, I couldn’t have done without! I didn’t even know that there was a second one, do you have it? I think I may get it, I like their down to earth approach.

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