A baby (and mummy) must have: THE SIGG BOTTLE

Age: 8 months 20 days.  Last few weeks of maternity leave.

Jamie loves drinking water.  But not out of these boring tippie cups (“Who do you think I am, mama, a baby??”) but out of mama’s glass or basically anything that could possibly contain fluids.

The SIgg bottle1.jpg

Sometimes this uncontrollable urge to drink can become rather worrying.  (Maybe I shouldn’t have had that occasional glass of wine during pregnancy…)


 As this, albeit very entertaining, got very wet and very messy, Jamie and I found a compromise: The SIGG bottle (recommended to me by A., who has a SIGG-loving baby at Jamie’s age).

SIGG is a Swiss company who has made reusable water bottles since 1908.  The designs are so lovely that they even made it into the MOMA!

Jamie loves his SIGG bottle so much!  When he sees it, even from the distance, his little legs and arms start pounding, he smiles, gets really excited and he makes this ahh ahh ahh noises (translation: “Give me my bottle, mama!”).

The SIgg bottle.jpg

I was infected by Jamie’s enthusiasm and got myself a bottle too.

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2 Responses to A baby (and mummy) must have: THE SIGG BOTTLE

  1. terry says:

    I saw this and thought about getting one for my toddler so I goggled it. Unfortunately, one of the first few links was to a youtube channel called SIGGReviews which shows the lining of these bottles coming off – http://www.youtube.com/user/SIGGReviews which quite frankly put me off getting one. I just thought I’d let you know so you could make your own mind up whether you wanted to continue using it.

    • Ute says:

      Hey Terry, thanks for your comment, very interesting! I read that BPA was used until 2008 and since then they use some Eco friendly coating. I was told in the shop to not use it with carbonated water – maybe this was the reason the coating came off in the video? There is an independent German testing site/paper called oekotest who tested these bottles under all kinds of condition in 2011 and found them to be very safe. http://www.nature-box.at/dolo/oekotest.pdf
      I found the video attacking SIGG a bit unprofessional and couldn’t find any other sources that would doubt SIGG’s safety, so I will probably continue using it. I really appreciate your comment though, also as information for my readers. Thanks again!

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