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Welcome to my blog Look Mummy No Hands!

I am Ute, an Austrian in my early thirties, and I live and work in London (and have done so for the past 6 years).  The big news in my life are that I am expecting my first child. Estimated date of delivery is the 24th of December, so I may give birth to a seriously annoyed offspring who will never forgive me that he only get presents once a year. But then again, the little bugger might not adhere to schedule.


isn’t baby photogenic already?

Apart from almost being a mum (this seems to be the most important thing at the moment) I am a medic and scientist and write a (fairly successful) restaurant and food blog (HungryinLondon).

Amalfi Coast 143.JPG

Me, 14 weeks pregnant, when I could still sleep on my belly

At the moment I am going through everything pregnancy has to offer – happiness and elation like I have never felt it before are followed by panic attacks, I have pains and aches in the weirdest places and I am already totally sleep deprived (who would have thought that it is possible to need to go the the toilet 4 times each night??).

Read everything here about my adventures on the stony and wondrous path to becoming and being a mother while still having a life (some people claim that’s not possible, I hope they are wrong!!).


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