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When I knitted a baby jelly bag cap

The good thing about the approaching cold season (and it may be the only good thing) is that falling temperatures and early darkness are ideal conditions for knitting and crocheting. During the first few cold days in September, I embarked … Continue reading

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Jamie’s Favourite Fish and Meat Recipes (6-9 months)

It is important for babies from around 6 months to have a balanced diet and this includes fish and meat.  Jamie prefers vegetables and he refused my lovingly prepared beef dishes. Fortunately, chicken, cod and salmon are new favourites.  Here … Continue reading

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A baby (and mummy) must have: THE SIGG BOTTLE

Age: 8 months 20 days.  Last few weeks of maternity leave. Jamie loves drinking water.  But not out of these boring tippie cups (“Who do you think I am, mama, a baby??”) but out of mama’s glass or basically anything … Continue reading

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How a baby shows his affection or Love Hurts

In the first few months all you get back in return for all the love, affection and time you put into your new arrival is a seemingly never-ending series of sleepless night and heaps of dirty nappies. Not that it … Continue reading

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Jamie’s Favourite Vegetarian Dishes (6-9 Months) Part I

Jamie is 8 months now and in the past few months I have experimented with cooking my own baby food.  The first stage of weaning has passed (read about it in another post) and in the second stage (from about … Continue reading

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First Baby Foods – less is more until 6 months

While the general recommendation is to start babies on solids at exactly 6 months, a lot of mothers (including myself – read here why I did it) introduce solids around 4-5 months. The Basics Don’t force it, make it fun … Continue reading

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6 Months today – Happy Birthday Jamie!

The last 6 months with you, my beloved Jamie, have been the happiest of my life and I can’t even remember how life was without you.  I had no idea that a little person like you who can’t talk, who … Continue reading

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