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The Questionable Joy of NCT Antenatal Classes or Ignorance is Bliss

Pregnant: 39 weeks + 2 days Status: Fat. Ungainly. Tired. Up-to-date with all recent TV programmes. Compulsively knitting. How it all began The father of my unborn was, after he had spoken to some know-it-all people, recent parents I think, adamant that … Continue reading

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The Evil Spirit of Nesting

Pregnant: 37 weeks + 1 day Status: Fat. I don’t need a table anymore, I can eat of the nice little tableau provided by my belly.  On the downside, I also can’t breathe anymore and junior kicking my ribs is a painful … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Yoga – How to hug your baby with your breath.

Pregnant: 29 weeks + 1 day Status: Tired. Awake half the night between toilet breaks and worries about having to be a responsible mum in less than 3 months time. Usually I am with Churchill on the whole sports issue … Continue reading

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Look Mummy No Hands

Pregnant: 28 weeks and 6 days Status: Happy. Pregnancy hormone high. No pains, no aches, even slept well. Want to be pregnant all my life. I have been writing a restaurant and food blog for almost 3 years but now, … Continue reading

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