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Jamie’s Favourite Fish and Meat Recipes (6-9 months)

It is important for babies from around 6 months to have a balanced diet and this includes fish and meat.  Jamie prefers vegetables and he refused my lovingly prepared beef dishes. Fortunately, chicken, cod and salmon are new favourites.  Here … Continue reading

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Jamie’s Favourite Vegetarian Dishes (6-9 Months) Part I

Jamie is 8 months now and in the past few months I have experimented with cooking my own baby food.  The first stage of weaning has passed (read about it in another post) and in the second stage (from about … Continue reading

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First Baby Foods – less is more until 6 months

While the general recommendation is to start babies on solids at exactly 6 months, a lot of mothers (including myself – read here why I did it) introduce solids around 4-5 months. The Basics Don’t force it, make it fun … Continue reading

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When I knitted a Baby Boy Cardigan with Matching Hat (and was very proud of myself)

Pregnant: 38 weeks + 3 days Status: Not bad, particularly if I compare myself to the pregnant ladies that I met at my antenatal class.  They all complain about massively swollen feet and hands and that they can’t fit into … Continue reading

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When I decided to crochet a baby blanket

Pregnant: 29 weeks + 3 days Status: Broad ligament pain on the right side of my uterus. I can’t walk, I can’t sit comfortably and even lying down is painful. Is this going to last for the next 10 weeks…? … Continue reading

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