When I knitted a Baby Boy Cardigan with Matching Hat (and was very proud of myself)

Pregnant: 38 weeks + 3 days
Status: Not bad, particularly if I compare myself to the pregnant ladies that I met at my antenatal class.  They all complain about massively swollen feet and hands and that they can’t fit into their shoes anymore.  This is an unpleasantness that has bypassed me thus far.  Thank god!

As I outlined in my previous post, I am in a state of nesting.  Part of this is my almost uncontrollable urge to create – which includes baking cakes (which no one in my household eats), and of course knitting.


I am rather proud of this lovely cardigan that I have knitted using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (£5.5 per ball from John Lewis), which is a lovely soft yarn and I enjoyed knitting with it.  It can be washed at 30 degrees, runs a substantial 125 m/50g and comes in beautiful colours.  I followed a Debbie Bliss instruction from her book Blankets, Bears and Booties.

I made a few mistakes (it is rather challenging to knit a cardigan, and every kind of distraction, particularly when watching (the highly recommended) The Bridge with subtitles at the same time, can be detrimental) – so one front part is about 1 cm (2 stripes) shorter than the other and the arm pieces had to be forced into the armholes, but I think I did well in hiding these errors…  And it’s the small imperfections that make a piece like this truly personal, right?

I love the softness of the wool, the stripes and the cute little buttons I got from John Lewis too and that fit so well with the colours of the yarn.


I am rather too lazy to give you the pattern for the cardigan – it’s a loooooong instruction! If you like to have it though, just let me know, I take a photo of the instruction and send it to you.

I just about manage the instructions for knitting the baby hat, which is not by Debbie Bliss but my mum.


Baby Hat

Here the instructions for the hat which I reckon is for a 3-9 months old (my baby is not born yet, so I can’t try it on the living object but I compared it to the 6 months baby hats that I bought).  As you can fold the lowermost part and its stretchy it may actually work from 0-12 months.

This is the instruction for a stripy pattern, but of course it can be adapted to almost everything you want, as it is a brilliant base pattern and super easy and very fast!

Wool: I had leftover wool from the cardigan, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in ecru (A) and sky (B)

Needles: 5 short needles (3.25)


  • Cast on 20 stitches on each of the 4 needles with (A), use the 5th to knit – so you basically knit in a circle and you don’t need to sew the parts together later.
  • K1, P1 until you have completed one full circle
  • Switch to (B) – don’t cut off (A) but leave hanging on the inside.
  • K1 P1 for 7 more rows then switch back to (A), loosely leading the thread at the inside of the hat.
  • K only for about 10 cm from cast-on edge alternating 2 rows of (A) and 2 rows of (B)
  • After roughly 10 cm, start decreasing:
  • (How to decrease: I use the ‘slip stich over method’ – explained here on YouTube)
  • Decrease stitch 10 (by slipping over 9) and stitch 20 (by slipping over 19) on EACH needle, then K two rows (you have reduced number of stitches by 8 in total)
  • repeat this 2 more times (decreasing 9 and 18 in the next row, and 8 and 16 in the row after etc) in each third row.
  • Then decrease (after the same method) in every second row – repeat 3 times – you should now have 8 stitches on each needle.
  • Now decrease 2 stitches in every row, doing this for 2 rows in total, until you have 4 stitches per needle.
  • Cut off yarn, leaving a longish thread.  With a large sewing needle, thread through the remaining 12 stitches, remove the knitting needles, and pull together, closing the top of the hat.
  • Sew the loose ends.
  • If you want, add a funky/ cute button at the front.
Makes sense?  If not please let me know, I am not exactly a knitting pattern writer, as you  may have noticed… 


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  1. Amy Silberzahn says:

    Love it! I think you are very clever!

  2. Horst Laggner says:

    I cant help you in this, but i am very happy to see you soon with the baby

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