Jamie’s Friends or how to entertain a 4 months old

Jamie is now 4 months and a bit, and it’s a joy to see his transformation from someone who basically just sleeps, feeds and poops into a little human with his own personality and taste.  For him, everything is new and exciting, but what Jamie takes a liking to appears really rather random at the moment. He has moved on from his black and white phase, that’s for sure, but most of the things I hold in front of his nose still don’t elicit as much as a sneer from my dear offspring.

Jamie obviously has a very discriminating taste already (just like mama), and here are some of his favourite playmates.

1.  Sophie The Giraffe

There is a reason why Sophie The Giraffe is such a popular toy.  4 months is the age where everything baby can possibly get hold of (which is not much due to a not quite working hand-eye coordination, bless!) goes straight into his mouth.  Sophie is easy to grab with little chubby baby hands and Sophie’s limps have a good size to fit into his Jamie’s tiny mouth.  Happy chewing!


2. His Hands

As much as Jamie shows interest in Sophie, there is no way she could compete with his hands.  They are so exciting, they can open and close, they can grab things and they taste so good!  Prior to having Jamie, I could not envision the pride of a mother, when her child manages to suck his thumb (as opposed to the whole fist) for the first time.  (I have the strong feeling that this pride is not here to last).


3. Tiny Love Mobile

Jamie is picky about his mobiles.  He was totally not impressed by the cute Gingerbread one (he probably sensed that I got it in the sales) but immediately fell in love with the Tiny Love Classic Mobile. The broad grin that suddenly lightens up his little face when you put him into his play cot and turn the mobile on is far happier than when he sees his own parents and is only comparable with the excitement the second before he latches onto my breast.  He can spend hours with his little friends, cooing and laughing while they endlessly circle above his head, which gives mama time to wash her hair in peace and even occasionally use conditioner. Hallelujah!

(Also note that this mobile plays nice classical music so is actually not annoying.)


who says a boy can’t have two mobiles?


4. The Little Man In The Mirror

There is this little man living in our mirror who Jamie is particularly fond of.  Whenever he sees the little man he breaks out into fits of baby laughter (which sounds close to crying but is just incredibly sweet), and he gets even more happy when the little man smiles back at him.

What can I say, that’s cheap entertainment!

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