When I knitted a baby jelly bag cap

The good thing about the approaching cold season (and it may be the only good thing) is that falling temperatures and early darkness are ideal conditions for knitting and crocheting.

During the first few cold days in September, I embarked on a new knitting project.  If you wonder, how I can have a 9 month old and still have time to knit – well, this is because my adorable son is not crawling yet (although he has in the last few days manage to lift his bum off the ground) but is just rolling around very leisurely, so I can actually watch him while I sit on the sofa and knit.

Since I got the ROWAN knitting magazine “Little Rowan” last year while heavily pregnant, I wanted to make this adorable jelly bag cap and finally I succeeded.  It is every bit as adorable as I imagined it to be.


Before you rush off to buy this Rowan knitting magazine, let me say that I was overall NOT HAPPY with these ROWAN patterns, as – even though I used the recommended Rowan yarn – the sizing was all wrong. I made one of their jumpers which looks adorable but is far too wide and another cardigan I abandoned half way through as it would have only fitted a seriously obese baby.  Debbie Bliss Baby patterns are far more reliable in my experience, but they are not as cute.

For the hat pattern I used my favourite yarn, the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and hoped and prayed that the end product would fit.  It will probably fit for the next 10 years to come…  I have achieved my goal though.  Jamie looks like a little adorable baby dwarf and at the same time he will be super-warm throughout the cold months to come.

Look Mummy knitting.jpg

Somehow he doesn’t look all that happy with my creation…

Question to all you knitters out there – Where do you get your patterns from? I would appreciate advice on baby clothes but also on nice stuff for mummy.  Thanks!

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  1. kiranrahim says:

    Ravelry!! Great patterns and loads free too

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